Home rules of VasaRojus

We are looking forward to welcome You at VasaRojus! We cherish the space of VasaRojus lounging home with love and have created these rules taking care of Your safety and in order to avoid any possible unpleasant misunderstandings. By reserving a vacation with us, You confirm that You have read these rules, agree to them and will comply with all Your responsibilities.


  • VasaRojus is a home of peaceful vacation in the Nature. Parties are not allowed on our premises;
  • From 10 p.m. to 9 a.m. is time for rest and peace at VasaRojus. Please respect us, other guests and neighbors - do not make noise;
  • Please do not invite other guests to the territory of VasaRojus without our consent;
  • The reservation is confirmed upon receipt of full payment for the accommodation;
  • You can cancel Your reservation and receive a full refund no later than 30 calendar days before Your vacation at vasaRojus;
  • If for personal reasons You do not stay all the scheduled vacation time in VasaRojus, we are not obliged to refund the fee for the missed time.

Check-in - Check-out:

  • Please let us know in advance about your planned arrival-departure time;
  • We want to welcome each Guest on time, so we set arrival-departure times for each pod as follows:
  • The Big Dome 13:00 - 11:00;
  • The Yurt 14:00 - 12:00;
  • The Little Dome Vakarys 15:00 - 13:00;
  • The Little Dome Pietys 15:30 - 13:30;
  • The Little Dome Rytys 16:00 - 14:00.


  • To be in the Nature is good for everyone, so we welcome Guests with children at VasaRojus too. We ask adults not to leave minor children unattended, to take care of their proper behavior and safety. You, the adults, are responsible for any broken inventory or damage caused by Your children;
  • You are responsible for the safety of Yourself and Your loved ones, i.e. You are solely responsible for any accidents that may occur on the territory of the VasaRojus lounging home or outside it, using the inventory of VasaRojus.


  • We love all animals and we are happy to welcome your pets at VasaRojus. Please take care not only of them, but also of the environment You are in (we would be very upset to find any damaged inventory, dug holes or uncollected poops). You, the owners, are responsible for any broken inventory or damage caused by Your pets;
  • Please keep your dogs on a leash and do not let them run freely unsupervised in the territory of VasaRojus.

At the pods:

  • No shoes inside;
  • No smoking inside. Smoking can be done outside, becks must be thrown only into the ashtrays;
  • Burning of candles, incense and other flammable materials are not allowed;
  • Pellet stove provide heat in the pods during the cold season. They can only be started with our permission and after hearing the user manual. We provide pellets;
  • For Your comfortable vacation You will find all necessary dishes in the kitchenettes of the pods, just please leave them clean;
  • There are barbecues at each yard of the pod, they are for cooking only. We found the most suitable places for them, so please do not move them arround. We provide firewood, skewers and grills.


  • Please do not use towels, blankets and other linen from the pods outside;
  • Please use all items and equipment in VasaRojus only for their intended purpose and report any observed malfunctions or damages. You undertake responsibility to compensate the material damage caused by Your fault, taking into account the prices valid in the market;
  • All movable and immovable inventory at VasaRojus belong to VasaRojus by the right of ownership, so please leave them as you found them upon Your departure.


  • Littering, throwing becks arround, breaking plants or otherwise destroying the environment and inventory at VasaRojus is PROHIBITED.


  • On the territory of VasaRojas, it is possible to make fire only in barbecues and fire place equipped for this purpose. Please do not leave the fire unattended, put it out when leaving the grill/fire place.

Please contact us if You have any questions:

With warm greetings,
Sisters K&S 馃挌